Electives/Clubs/Student Life



Bobby Duke's ASB (Associated Student Body) is an elective class during the school day. Students in ASB can be elected to become school officers. The purpose of ASB is to represent students' interests and goals. ASB is involved in the planning of school wide events to unify the student body and increase school spirit. 

Super Hero Day


AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is an elective class that focuses on closing the achievement gap and preparing students to be college ready. 

The AVID Excel elective provides explicit instruction in English language development and academic language through reading, writing, oral language, academic vocabulary, and college readiness skills.

Both electives provide teachers with ongoing professional development, utilizing researched based instructional strategies. 

Students are held to high expectations and practice strategies on a daily basis that focus on organization, study skills, tutorials, reading, writing, point of confusion, and college readiness. 

Band and Chorus

Band and Chorus are both at Bobby Duke! Both electives are under the direction of our own music teacher, Mrs. Akkerman. This year long program provides students the opportunity to learn how to read music and experience the various emotions that come with performing a musical instrument or singing in front of an audience. 

Robotics and KidWind Club

Mr. DeToya supports our Robotics Elective class and KidWind after school club.  Robotics at Bobby Duke is a year long elective that assists students in applying concepts from math, science, technology, and engineering to create their own innovations.

In the after school program, KidWind enhances students understanding of engineering. Students who participate in the KidWind Club have opportunities to work collaboratively in small teams to develop Wind Turbine designs and submit their designs for recognition in various competitions online, regionally, and/or nationally.


Dr. Salas focuses on developing art skills, vocabulary, creativity, and concepts of design. Lessons may include painting, collage, drawing, calligraphy, and more. Art appreciation is integrated into the lessons and activities.


Clubs at Bobby Duke meet after school with the purpose of enhancing the educational experience of our students.  Bobby Duke teachers are our club advisors who engage students in researching, innovating, collaborating, and developing their social emotional skills.


Our Falcon Debate Club is under the direction of Mrs. Mahoney. Students spend time working in small teams of 3 researching various topics in order to prepare for Debate Tournaments.

Unicycle Club

The Unicycle Club was developed by Ms. Mittrick to provide students a unique experience. Ms. Mittrick supports students by encouraging them to persevere in developing a new skill.... unicycling!

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club provides a safe after school place for students who have a common interest in gaming. Students set goals, collaborate, and strategize together to accomplish their goals. Ms. Mittrick has established a positive environment where students practice working together on common goals and encouraging each other. 

Film Club

Community representatives from DigiCom along with our teacher Ms. Dooley have established our Film Club. Students who are interested in being a writer, actor, camera operator, sound mixer, or director, join the Film Club to feed their passion.