Student Dress Code


A student’s clothing shall not be disruptive to the learning process. School staff will determine the appropriateness of any questionable attire. This includes, designated spirit days, but is not limited to, the following:

LOGOS/PICTURES: Inappropriate logos/pictures include, but are not limited to, those displaying or promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, disrespect, graffiti/tagging, racism, gang affiliation, derogatory comments, blood/gore, pentagrams, profanity, violence or weapons. This includes graphics on accessories or backpacks.

BANDANAS and HAIR NETS: These are to be left at home.

HATS, HOODS, and BEANIES: Are to be removed while inside classrooms/buildings. Hats or caps may not be worn backwards.

SHOES: No flip-flops, slippers, slide sandals worn with socks, soft soles, heels or platforms above 2”.

TOPS:  Must have sleeves. No tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, halter topes, tube tops, strapless tops, plunging neck lines, one strap or backless attire. Tops may not be see-through, undergarments must not be visible, and may not show the abdomen or back.

PANTS:  No oversized, excessively tight, baggy, or sagging pants/shorts (No excessive holes or rips. Any rips on pants must be covered above the knee to prevent showing skin). Rips on jeans or pants are permitted if at the knee or below. Pants and shorts must be worn on the waist and stay there without the assistance of a belt. Belts must go through the loops and buckle must not have any letters, numbers or symbols that affiliate with gang activity.

SHORTS/SKIRTS/DRESSES: Shorts, skirts and dresses must reach mid-thigh with no holes or rips.

PIERCINGS: No facial or body piercings other than a small nose stud (no nose rings).  No “gauges,” spike gauges, or large hoops of any kind. 

MISCELLANEOUS: No clothing or jewelry identifying a particular group, which might cause conflict. No writing on body, clothes or backpacks. No hanging belts or chains. No spikes on clothing, shoes or accessories.

PE CLOTHES: Students are to wear their PE shirts and shorts during PE class ONLY.

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