Bobby Duke's ASES after school program is created through partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide literacy, academic enrichment and safe constructive alternatives for our students.

Bobby Duke's ASES program aligns with the core instructional day and has the following components:

  • Educational and literacy element (tutoring/ homework assistance)
  • Educational enrichment element (additional programs/ activities that reinforce what is learned in the core instructional day).
  • Provide a nutritious snack or meal that conforms to California State Education Code requirements.

ASES Athletics

Our Falcons have opportunities through the ASES program to compete with local middle schools, such as CDA and Torro Canyon in various sports

(i.e. flag football, softball, volleyball and soccer)

In the ASES program students have the ability to develop various skills and personal interests through extracurricular activities

Enhancing our students' educational experiences through field trips, such as a trip to the Museum of Tolerance deepens students' understanding of content that they are learning in their classes but also supports their social emotional development as they share these experiences with their peers

ASES program is from 3:50 - 6 PM

For more information, please contact

Coordinator Mr. Rodriguez

(760) 398-0139